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[ljc9562352]Safety Child Bicycle Seat Bike Front Baby Seat Kids Saddle for Road Bike

This is a safety bike saddle for kids that consists of solid plastic seat with back rest and durable aluminum alloy bracket, steady enough to carry a child. With this saddle, you can carry your kids to cycle with you, which is quite safety, convenient and enjoyable.

Made of quality plastic that is lightweight and hard to broken, the solid metal bracket keeps the seat even and steady.
With a safety railing that is wrapped by soft and elastic cushion and a safety belt to ensure safety, providing maximum protection to the kid.
Ergonomically designed with backrest and adjustable foot pedals that can be stretched by adjusting the installation place, comfortable for the child to sit on.
Comes with the whole parts and installation tools, easy to assemble and install.
Suitable for 8 months to 7 years-old kids under 25kg / 55lb and compatible with bike tube in caliber 1.1-1.5in.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Package Size: 39 * 33 * 15cm / 15 * 12.9 * 5.9in
Fit: 8 months to 7 years-old kids, bike rod between 1.2in to 1.5in.

Package List:
1 * Bicycle Child Chair
1 * Back Seat
1 * Saddle
1 * Saddle Holder
2 * Mounting Rail
1 * Safety Railing
1 * Safety Belt
2 * Foot Pedal
1 * Pack of Parts
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